2019 here I come!

2019 here I come!

Well it’s the 4th of February but for me it feels like the year has begun today.

My children returned to school for the year today.  I can’t believe they’re in years 5 and 8 already!

Today also marks the start of my first full week back at work after three weeks off.

In January I had an awesome family holiday and visited a part of Australia none of us had been to before.  We had an awesome time exploring and deciding what to do each day.

Following my family holiday I had a 4 day holiday with a friend of 27 years.  We had a ball and it really recharged us.  Leading up to this I felt worried and guilty about taking this time out just for me.  I see now how important it was for me to have this break and allow myself some time to rest and relax and have fun!

A weekend away with my love completed my amazing start to the year.  We attended a music festival and pretended we were 20 years younger again!

Today was also the day I started at a new gym, throwing myself into an 8 week challenge no less!  I hadn’t done any formal exercise since before all the Christmas festivities and my first session was tough (hence the red face and crazy hair).  I am going to give this challenge my all, which includes clean eating and being at the gym at 5am tomorrow!

What I am most excited about this year is progressing with something I have been working on for a little while but don’t seem to find the time to complete.  Well this is the year I find the time and stop dreaming and start doing! When it is done, I can’t wait to share the new stage of Healthful Wisdom first with you.

This is the year that I get out of the rut and make things happen!

I will grow and expand in many ways, but not physically- that’s what the 8 week challenge is for!

So 2019 here I come!  Watch this space…



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