Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

2018! Whoa you went by quickly!

There are still a lot of things on my list that didn’t get done last year but there are a lot of things that did.  There are even more things that I could not have imagined at the beginning of 2018 that I can add to my list of achievements.

I am happy that I continued my twice weekly (except for the odd occasion) blogging.  This really is challenging to keep up and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

I survived turning 40!

I still can not believe that I’m that old but I know my best years are yet to come and for that I’m excited!  It didn’t hurt that I gave myself a party and attended fellow 40th celebrations which made for some great fun and catch ups.

I survived my son’s first year of high school and all that goes with it including homework and puberty.

My 10 year old very fussy eater has improved somewhat as I have myself with incorporating more foods and strategies in to the diet.

I kept up with my continuing education and qualifications.

I progressed with the finishing of my house.  My kids are very happy to have grass in the backyard!

I have done my best to keep up with the running of the household; cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing, mowing, drama, soccer etc

I have managed my three jobs – Retail Pharmacist, Consultant Pharmacist and business owner.

I also made a real effort in 2018 to try new things or expand on what I already do.

I completed Tough Mudder which was aptly named.

I continued working with a personal trainer.  I can’t do a pull up yet but I’m still working on it and I’m definitely a lot fitter and stronger.

I planned and took trips away even though I really didn’t think I had time to do this.

I read books!

I love reading but haven’t allowed myself the luxury in recent years and I’m so glad I did in 2018!

I have started yoga as I miss the flexibility I had when I was a dancer and it is a really good balance with my gym work.

I have started decluttering.  It really does make you feel good and I have so much stuff I don’t need that is taking up space.

I have been working towards a huge goal with my business and hope to launch it soon and I’m pretty excited!

I made time for FUN!  My kids are at a great age to do pretty much anything with though my teenager isn’t always eager to join in.  I know the next few years are very precious and I plan to make the most of them starting with our Great Ocean Road trek next week!

Everyone has busy lives and good and bad times. Remaining positive and creating time for ourselves and the things and people we love is very important.

Could my 2018 have been better? Maybe.

Would I change much about 2018? Perhaps.

Have I used my wisdom to remain healthful and hopefully inspire others? Yes!

The best thing to come out of 2018 is someone I will have by my side for all the rest of the years of my life.  I still can not believe such a person exists and that he is mine!