I don’t watch television


I’m not quite sure when it started but I’ve realised over the last few years that I don’t watch television.

To be totally accurate so far this year I have watched some Australian Open tennis matches and one episode of Better Homes and Gardens and the movie that followed it (Hidden Images- which was awesome).

One night last week I found that I had done all the evening jobs quite early so thought that I would put the tv on to watch something as I just wanted some mindless time out.  I scrolled through the guide once then twice.  There was absolutely nothing that I wanted to watch at that time or later in the evening so I turned it off.  This was not the first time over the last couple of years that that has happened and so I rarely bother anymore.

I used to watch tv on Sunday nights while doing the ironing but I have replaced this with talking with my children about the weekend and what is coming up that week.  I have absolutely no interest in reality shows and there seems to be so many of these that trying to find something else is a waste of time.

Who wants to watch the news?

I certainly don’t.  I don’t need to be reminded of sad and depressing things every day.  If something major happens I find out via the radio on my short drive to work or from someone I come in contact with during the day talking about it.  I used to feel a bit guilty about not wanting to watch the “news” however abstaining from this is one of the tips I have from the current audiobook I’m listening to in the car “The 4 hour work week”.

I remember hearing once that television programming is called programming for a reason.  Television shows and advertisements are structured in a way to encourage the viewer to think and act in a certain way and buy the products that are advertised.  Television watching is akin to brain washing.

Television is a great time waster.

There are so many things that could be done in the time that is spent watching it.  There are a few times that I have heard of a great documentary or show that I have been able to view at a later date thanks to todays technology.

I haven’t stopped my children from watching television but it is something they rarely do.  There have certainly been times when one has watched too much Netflix and another has spent too much time playing games.  Asking if anyone wants to play a board game is a good way to stop the screen time excess in my house.

Something that I am keen to get back in to now it isn’t so hot is having a walk together as a family after dinner on the nights that we can and/or playing a board game.  We get much more out of this in the form of exercise, togetherness and fresh air than we do from sitting still on the lounge getting brainwashed.



Most women will experience this vaginal infection at least once in their lives.  It is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast candida albicans.  This yeast is present on and in our bodies normally but can increase in numbers at certain times which leads to the symptoms we know as thrush.  Thrush can also occur elsewhere such as in the mouth.


Why do we get thrush?

  • Disrupted hormone levels in pregnancy
  • Side effects of antibiotics and corticosteroids
  • Other medical conditions where our immune system is suppressed


Symptoms of thrush

  • Vaginal burning/itching/stinging/discomfort
  • Thick white vaginal discharge
  • Redness/swelling


Treatment of thrush

  • Antifungal cream with applicators or antifungal pessaries (tablets to insert) can be obtained from a Pharmacist and are the first line treatment and the Pharmacist will work out which length treatment is best for you
  • Fluconazole in a one off capsule is appropriate for some people. Usually those who have used the cream or pessary and it hasn’t worked.  Pregnant women can not use the capsule and neither can some other people
  • Male partners rarely need to be treated unless there is recurrent infection


Prevention of thrush

  • Always wipe from front to back when using the toilet
  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight synthetic fabrics
  • Use a soap free wash or sorbolene


Recurrent thrush

If you get thrush often it is a good idea to see your Doctor so they can make sure that it really is thrush that you are suffering with.  Thrush is a fungal infection and it is possible to get bacterial vaginal infections that are treated differently.  Symptoms could also be due to an STI.  If you suffer from diabetes thrush can be a sign that your blood sugar levels are too high and so your diabetes treatment needs to be investigated.



How do you choose your non-prescription medicines?

how do you choose your non-prescription medicines

Where do you buy medicines?

Do you buy medicines from the supermarket without Pharmacist advice?

Do you buy vitamins or supplements from the supermarket or health food store?

If you take prescription medicines or have medical conditions you need to be very careful about what medicines you take.

As part of my role as a Pharmacist I do home medication reviews and I am amazed at the number of people who take several prescription medicines yet buy medicines from the supermarket and take these without checking first if it is ok.  I have removed many supermarket purchased medicines because they are dangerous for the person to be taking.

Anti-inflammatories, such as Nurofen and aspirin, are a common problem.  A lot of people just should not take anti-inflammatories or should only take them for a few days if they have stomach or kidney problems or if they take certain blood pressure medicines.

Another common problem is people taking paracetamol they have purchased from the supermarket in addition to stronger paracetamol containing products that have been prescribed.

Please always check with your Pharmacist or Doctor if it is ok for you to be taking medicines that have not been prescribed.


How do you take your medicines?

Do you read the instructions and warnings on the box?

Do you buy them because of what they say on the box?

Countless times I have heard people say that they have taken more than two paracetamol tablets to help with pain as they thought if two is the recommended dose then more than two must work better!  More than two tablets of paracetamol will not work better for pain relief but will make things very difficult for your liver to process and can cause liver damage.

Several times I have recommended a medication and the customer has questioned whether or not it is suitable because their symptom is not listed on the box.  This happens with antihistamines in particular.  Just because insect bites is not listed on the box for some brands does not mean it can not be used for that!

Part of my role as a Pharmacist is to help you with these choices and decisions.

More importantly those of you who follow me have access at your fingertips to questions or queries you may have about medicines to help make your life healthier.

Starting a challenge makes way for change

Starting a challenge

As you know from last week I’ve started an 8 week fitness challenge.  It certainly is a challenge but a welcomed one.  Doing this with my partner is proving to be a great idea as we are accountable to each other and can offer encouragement also.

With this challenge has come some change.  Although it’s early days we are already enjoying significant positive outcomes. It’s not just beneficial for me but the whole family.

As much as I don’t like it I’m getting up early, and I mean EARLY, to hit the gym.

It’s hard (both getting up and training) but it’s worth it.  In order to fit in sessions at the gym every single week day we have made our already busy and scheduled lives even more so.  The surprising benefit has been more quality time for the family as we are making a conscious effort to fit this in.

We are planning our meals for the week in advance which means shopping for the week in advance.  We even did our first online Woolworths shop!  We have been preparing lunches and dinners the night before which is not something I have done since my kids were babies.  This effort has minimised some of the day to day chaos.

The act of meal planning has saved me a lot of time.  I’m not spending my lunch break shopping for that evening and following day.  I’m not dropping in to the supermarket on the way home because I’ve forgotten something.  This is saving money as well as time and it also reduces the temptation to buy treats.

The early starts to my day give me the benefit of increased alertness and the need to go to bed earlier.  I used to stay up as long as it took to complete my ‘too long’ list of jobs.  Now that I need to be in bed earlier to get 8 hours of sleep I’m setting myself timeframes to get things done when I get home.  This means I’ve started to make progress with the seemingly insurmountable backlog of work I have to do whilst incorporating the after school activities and homework.  It’s not a strict roster but a guideline to help all of us achieve the necessary things as well as the things we want to achieve.  In my house these things include time together to talk, play music and do craft.

It’s a work in progress but we’re getting there!  I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts about how you manage your time and make changes to routines.

2019 here I come!

2019 here I come!

Well it’s the 4th of February but for me it feels like the year has begun today.

My children returned to school for the year today.  I can’t believe they’re in years 5 and 8 already!

Today also marks the start of my first full week back at work after three weeks off.

In January I had an awesome family holiday and visited a part of Australia none of us had been to before.  We had an awesome time exploring and deciding what to do each day.

Following my family holiday I had a 4 day holiday with a friend of 27 years.  We had a ball and it really recharged us.  Leading up to this I felt worried and guilty about taking this time out just for me.  I see now how important it was for me to have this break and allow myself some time to rest and relax and have fun!

A weekend away with my love completed my amazing start to the year.  We attended a music festival and pretended we were 20 years younger again!

Today was also the day I started at a new gym, throwing myself into an 8 week challenge no less!  I hadn’t done any formal exercise since before all the Christmas festivities and my first session was tough (hence the red face and crazy hair).  I am going to give this challenge my all, which includes clean eating and being at the gym at 5am tomorrow!

What I am most excited about this year is progressing with something I have been working on for a little while but don’t seem to find the time to complete.  Well this is the year I find the time and stop dreaming and start doing! When it is done, I can’t wait to share the new stage of Healthful Wisdom first with you.

This is the year that I get out of the rut and make things happen!

I will grow and expand in many ways, but not physically- that’s what the 8 week challenge is for!

So 2019 here I come!  Watch this space…