End of Challenge 1!

End of Challenge 1

Challenge number 1 for this year is complete!

I did it!

Was it easy?

No! However I did not miss one gym session in 8 weeks!

That’s right, you read correctly, I trained every weekday for 8 weeks- 40 sessions!!!!!!!

Was it hard?

Yes! It was not as hard as I had told myself it would be (which is why I had avoided doing it up until now).

Did I get results?

Absolutely! I lost weight and I built muscle. I was most pleased about the amount of visceral fat I lost.  Visceral fat is the fat around our abdominal organs and is the worst type of fat for our health.  Losing fat means my clothes fit better. I feel better in myself. I am sleeping better and my mind is functioning more clearly.

Am I happy?

Definitely! And it has motivated me to continue this path of wellness.

That’s the short version. Here is how I actually did it;

The first thing I did was make myself accountable. I told you, my readers. I told my family, I told my friends and workmates and I completed it with my partner. By making myself accountable I couldn’t take shortcuts. At morning tea time at work no-one brought me cake as I wasn’t going to eat it!  In the end I didn’t want to skip a session or grab that unhealthy snack, or to my surprise I didn’t want that glass of wine!

I changed my habits.

I went to bed earlier than I ever have as an adult. I also got up earlier than I feel is natural but I feel better for it. Our shopping was healthier because of our food planning and preparation.

I kept active.

The first week was tough.   None of the sessions were easy but I pushed myself without overdoing it. Regular training made me feel like being more active in general and it helped me to encourage myself to do more with the kids. We spent more time together walking, bike riding and swimming at the beach.

What I would like to get across to everyone is that you don’t have to do this training as it isn’t for everyone. I would like you all to just do a bit more than you are. Countless studies have been done regarding activity and longevity. The more healthily active we keep our bodies and our minds, the more we increase our chances of a longer, healthier and happier life. Move it or lose it. Do something different to your normal routine every day and you’ll notice an improvement. It takes time but you will notice it and so will others around you.

As for me, I know the next 8 week challenge starts in 4 weeks. I’m going to continue my training in the meantime but reduce the number of sessions. I’m going to enjoy a chocolate or a glass of wine by allowing myself a day off or a cheat day. I am realistic.  I know what I like and I know that enjoying my life means having some of these less than healthy treats but they are the exception now rather than the rule.

Hopefully I can motivate you! I am looking forward to the next challenge and sharing the results with you again.

Thanks for reading and please share your success stories with me!