I’m an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist and a mum so you can trust what I say!


In my role as a Pharmacist I am in my sixteenth year.


I have seen over and over again how simple changes to our everyday habits can lead to improvements in health.

I often find myself giving the same advice many times to different people.  A lot of the time the advice is to make a small change to what they are doing.  Little tweaks are what I like to call them.  Other times bigger changes are needed.  There are people taking medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis who could eliminate the need for all of these if only they lead a healthier life.

Helping people with their health is something I really do enjoy.  I love when people say to me “Thank you for your help/advice I’m now improved/better”.  As a Pharmacist I am well qualified to provide information and advice to people.  Often this is to people who are unwell either acutely or chronically.  However I am also passionate about taking it back a step and helping people from becoming unwell by leading a healthful life.  I am excited to use my knowledge to educate others to make little tweaks to their lives.


In my role as a mum I am in my twelfth year!


I remember the challenges of staying healthy whilst pregnant and looking after a newborn.  I remember feeding fussy toddlers (I still have a fussy eater) and worrying if I was providing them with the healthiest diet and environment.  I now enjoy seeing them make their own healthy decisions as children and guiding them to care for themselves and their environment.

Overall I have been fortunate that my children are in good general health however we have not escaped totally unscathed and have dealt with dietary intolerances, headlice, molluscum contagiosum, asthma, pneumonia, a broken bone, a few gastro bugs, many colds etc.



In my role as me I am in my thirty ninth year!


I remember in the days before children thinking that it was sometimes difficult to stay healthy due to work and study commitments.  Of course after having children I realise just how much easier it was before!

I confess that as a young adult I really didn’t know a lot about truly being healthful.  We grew up with the traditional food pyramid and knowing that exercise is good and there are medicines to help us when we are sick or have a medical condition.

As a society in general we are now more educated, if we choose to be, about health.  The old food pyramid has been “tweaked” and we understand a lot more about organic foods, we are more knowledgeable about how to exercise to achieve different results and we don’t just take medicines if we are sick we now know there are various foods and plants that act to keep us well.


I understand the struggles involved in living a healthful life.


I am a single working mum and I know how precious our time is.  I am not immune to grabbing a less healthy food choice when I’m in a rush or using a product that I know has too many less than desirable ingredients.  I’ve made mistakes but most importantly I’ve used them to learn from. No one is perfect however we can all pick up our game a bit and be more healthful bit by bit through some extra wisdom.


B Pharm (Hons) MPS AACPA


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