JULY 6, 2019

Exciting News!

It’s been a long time coming but I have to tell you all I’m very, very excited.

The next time you’re checking out my blog you can use the first of my upcoming changes.

If you have a look in the bottom right hand corner you’ll see a question mark in a blue circle.

One click on that and you can ask me a question.

You can also easily add a photo or other attachment.

Again, you may not see it as a big deal so think about this:

It’s early in the evening, the pharmacy is closed, the doctor’s surgery is closed and you’re preparing a meal you’ve never cooked before and all of a sudden you you notice a rash that has started spreading.

The baby is crying. Your oldest child is in the bath and you can hear the water being poured onto the tiles. Your middle child has gone quiet (we all know how disastrous that is). Your partner has just started her gym class, then she’s doing the grocery shopping and she left her phone at home.

What are your options?

  • Ride out the pain and hope it goes away
  • Turn dinner off, throw all the kids in the car and sit in Emergency at the local hospital
  • Wait until your partner gets home
  • Take a photo of the rash, write me a quick message to see if I can help

What can I do for you when I see your message?

  • Have a look at what you sent, ask you a question or two about it and give you some advice
  • Have a look at what you sent and tell you to get to the hospital

How does that help you?

The big bonus is that if I can help you I will. Most people have a good stock of medicines and pain relief in their cupboard at home. I can guide you through what is best to take for your condition. If I can’t help, I’ll send you in the right direction for care.

Unfortunately I won’t be coming to cook your dinner or look after your children, but I could save you a lot of time, energy and worry. That’s what I studied hard for and now enjoy doing for a living.

Even if you don’t have an issue at the moment I’d love for you to send me a message to say hi and see how easy it is to use.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you all even more.

Have a great weekend!