Back pain

Back pain

Back pain is very common.  It’s also an issue that has ‘flared’ this week in our household.  For most people back pain goes away after a few weeks but for some it can last months and years.


What is back pain?

Our backs are complex structures and quite literally hold us up.  The spine itself is usually not the cause of pain but rather the connective tissues, joints and muscles surrounding it can become damaged and cause pain.


What causes back pain?

Medical conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis can cause back pain.

Other causes include lifting objects that are too heavy or using poor technique, sudden unusual movements, being overweight, being inactive and stress/extreme tension.


What should I do if I hurt my back?

Proper assessment by your Doctor or allied health professional such as an osteopath or physiotherapist is vital so that the correct plan can be put in place for treatment and recovery.


Treatment of back pain

Staying mobile is an important part of back pain treatment.  Your health professional will show you what exercises are safe to do relevant to your injury.

Anti-inflammatories can be effective in oral and topical forms however precaution should be taken with their use in people with certain medical conditions and medications.  Always ask your Pharmacist or Doctor before taking new medications.

Some people with back pain that lasts a short time are at risk of pain occurring again and thus should take care with certain activities.

Some people have back pain that is ongoing.  Medication, exercises, weight reduction, relaxation and sometimes seeing a psychologist are important aspects of ongoing back pain care.



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