Whoops……. I forgot to take my medicine!

medicines forgotten

I forgot to take my medicine!


Forgetting to take your medicine is something that can happen to anyone, young or old, myself included!  If you have medicines that are essential to take eg for epilepsy, high blood pressure, depression and many others setting a reminder on your phone is a great idea to help you remember to take them.  I know that I have a usual routine in the morning and taking my medication is part of this however we all have days where routine goes out the window and things can be forgotten.  Dosette boxes/containers are a great idea if you want to plan out your medications for the week.  They have days of the week written on separate compartments and you can fill it up for the week at one time.  It also helps you see if you have taken it if you question yourself?  If it’s Monday morning and Monday morning’s medicines are gone then you’ve taken them.  Dosettes come in all different sizes and can fit many medicines and large capsules (as some of my supplements are large).


What do I do when I realise that I’ve forgotten to take my medicines?

It really depends on when you realise the medicine has been missed, how long it is until the next dose and what the medicine is.  With some medicines it is crucial that they are not taken late or missed altogether.  A seizure could occur in some epileptics if they miss one dose of their medication, diabetics can become very ill if insulin is missed and if an antidepressant is forgotten or taken late withdrawal symptoms can make you feel quite unwell.

General rule of thumb

If it is closer to the time that you should have taken it than the time for the next dose then take it.

Eg If you take your medicine at 7am and realise at 1pm that you haven’t taken it then take it.  This applies if it is a once or twice daily medicine.

If you realise that you’ve missed a dose and it is closer to the time for your next dose then don’t take it.


Never double up on your medication dose if you have missed it.  It will not make up for the one you have missed and can cause an overdose and/or make you feel sick.


Know your own medicines

If you take regular medicine make sure you read your Consumer Medicine Information that will either be in the box or supplied by your Pharmacist.  This will tell you what to do for your particular medicine if you miss a dose.

If a dose of the contraceptive pill is missed and it is too late to take it it really depends where you are up to in the cycle as to what you need to do to remain covered.  Read your information or ask your Pharmacist what to do if you are unsure.

This advice is general in nature and does not take the place of speaking with your Pharmacist or Doctor about your individual situation.  If you want to ask me any questions here or in a PM please do so.