OCTOBER 4, 2017
I have spent a long time wanting to do something different with the knowledge I have accrued over 16 years as a Pharmacist and in life in general. When I came up with the idea for Healthful Wisdom I was, and still am, really excited about it. I honestly love helping people with their health. Each day when I suggest simple changes or new things to help people I feel genuinely satisfied. Even more so when they come back to the pharmacy to say thank you and share their progress or tell me their issue is resolved.

I thought it was coincidental that Healthful Wisdom and the relaunch of my own health occurred at about the same time. I realise now that it’s because this is the year of ME!

I have spent many years working really hard to feed and keep a roof over the heads of myself and my two children. Turning 39 this year has shaken me up in a positive way. I didn’t want to finish this year not having achieved anything different to last year.

In April I packed my children in to a camper van and travelled 6000 km’s through QLD, NT and SA. We loved it and didn’t want to stop! I’m proud of myself for doing this as a single mum and we have great memories and future trips planned.

Thanks to starting with a Personal Trainer a month ago I will finish this year with a body that’s better than I’ve ever had and one that will be even better come next August and turning 40 time.

We will finish this year in our brand new home that I’ve worked really hard to pay for myself. It won’t be totally finished but it will be one day soon and it’s all ours.

I will finish the year with Healthful Wisdom on its way to something awesome. A break from my regular job this month will kick that in to gear.

Overall this has been, and will continue to be as a quarter of the year remains, the year that I’ve achieved more than ever before.

I feel good most days about myself and my journey. I’m proud of myself and my children. I don’t focus on the past or the future but focus on the present. Some days the thought of working out the week’s schedule is just too much! I am a much more relaxed and yet ambitious person than I was five years ago.

Thank you to everyone for sharing and being part of this journey with me.

PS the photo is of some macaroon candles Tahnee and I made during our girls day yesterday.