Eczema prevention and treatment


Most of us have probably seen what eczema looks like.  Eczema is more common in young children and people who also suffer with asthma and allergies.   Children who suffer with eczema may outgrow it.  Another name for eczema is atopic dermatitis.  Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin and atopy means having a predisposition to allergic things.

Eczema symptoms

Eczema symptoms include; redness, itching and dryness.  These symptoms usually occur in patches in the creases of the elbows, behind the knees, around the ankles, neck and wrists and may occur on the face and head.

Eczema sufferers often have dry and sensitive skin generally.  When eczema gets worse this is called a “flare up”.

Causes of eczema flare ups

  • Skin dryness
  • Skin irritants such as soap, bubblebath, chemicals, woollen clothes, perfume
  • Over heating
  • Stress
  • Contact with some fabrics
  • Contact with sand, grass, chlorine in pools
  • Contact with dust mites, animals

Preventing eczema flare ups

The most important thing anyone can do to keep their skin healthy and prevent flare ups is to keep the skin well moisturised.  This is important for everyone, not just eczema sufferers.  Using a soap free wash or aqueous cream to clean our skin without removing the skins natural oils is the first important step.  The second step is to moisturise after bathing as our skin absorbs so much more when our pores are open.  It is important to use a moisturiser without additives.

Treating eczema flare ups

Your Doctor or Pharmacist can provide creams for flare ups.  It’s a good idea to treat flare ups quickly so that they resolve quicker.  Corticosteroid creams are the most common type of cream and when used appropriately are unlikely to have side effects.  It is important to keep using a moisturiser even if an extra cream has been prescribed for treatment.

If the skin is really dry using a skin oil available from the pharmacy really helps and can be added to bath water or sprayed on the skin after showering.

If the skin is especially itchy use an oatmeal based wash or put half a cup of oats in a stocking, tie it up and place in the bath.

See the MiEssence Body Care range for products suitable for eczema prone skin.


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