“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things”  

enjoy the little things in life

I have this quote on a canvas on my wall and I have looked at it at various times over the last few years.  With my eldest child starting high school this year it has really hit home just how quickly our children grow up!


I read an article recently about a man who went on a holiday with each of his children separately for the ultimate in one on one time!  Though this is out of reach for most people we can employ the principle in our own ways.


Today my 13 year old had a pupil free day and I decided I would not do any work or housework and that we would spend the day together.  He wasn’t overly enthused to start with and was not very helpful in getting ready for our morning of paddleboarding.  Once we got out on the water we made some small talk.  Then we saw some big fish.  Then we saw lots of stingrays.   Then we talked about how smooth the water was.


I have read that the best time to have “big” conversations is when travelling in the car and you are not required to look each other in the eye.  This was how it was for us paddleboarding today.  As we talked more and more conversation progressed from small things to bigger things.   I thought about the article about the man and his child going on holidays.  Today was our holiday together.


After we returned to shore we sat on our boards and talked some more.  We laughed.  We reminisced.  We enjoyed being with each other!  We had lunch together and did some Christmas shopping before our time just as the two of us ended.  I will be making a habit out of individual time with my children from now on.



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