JUNE 26, 2019

In two days’ time it will be two years since I published my first Healthful Wisdom article. At that time, I knew I wanted to do something more with my knowledge as a Pharmacist.

I have enjoyed writing articles that hopefully help people have a better understanding of their medicines. I like receiving questions and comments and requests for topics.

I have had some big changes in my life in the last two years also.

I have built a house that will be our forever home.

I met my love!

I embarked on a health and fitness journey that saw me start with personal training and progress to functional fitness group training. I have had some impressive results here. In the last five months I have dropped 4 kg and 4% of body fat.

Some days are a challenge and sometimes every day seems like a challenge. Raising children, raising teenagers, working, housework, going to the gym and staying sane are difficult to fit in to the same day. I think I’m going ok.

I’m trying to find time to fit in expansion of my blog and other developments and I’m looking forward to this happening soon!

Thank you to each of you for reading my posts. A very big thank you for sharing, liking and commenting on my posts so that they are seen by more people.