MAY 15, 2019

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the Mums out there reading and supporting me every week.

My day was good and I hope yours was also. It was a very busy end of the week for me. I was fortunate enough to sneak a little nap on the lounge in the afternoon.

It felt really good to have that rest. Until the guilt and panic set in when I woke;

I haven’t done all the washing,

I still need to clean the floors,

What are we having for dinner? 

What are the kids having for lunch on Wednesday?

Who did I have to call back?

What post do I have to write for Monday?

We didn’t dust the bedrooms

Where did I put the school uniforms?

Have I ironed yet?

Then all of a sudden I said to myself “STOP”!

You’ve had a good day, you’ve had a rest. Why?

Because I’m tired, bordering on exhausted.

Did I waste time sleeping when I could have been doing those things?

My mothering mind said yes.

My clinical mind said “no”

My Healthful Wisdom mind said “you haven’t wasted time. You’ve done what you needed”

My point for this week is that we are all busy, sometimes we don’t feel like we stop and then we beat ourselves up for it. There’s no need to do that though. Sometimes it’s what you need. It’s called recovering and it’s not a bad thing.

And do you know what? We’ve managed to get to work and school I’ve washed and ironed clothes, we’ve eaten and the house has been cleaned. My panic and guilt wasn’t needed. Do yourself a favour occasionally and have the rest that your body tells you is required- it might save you from burning yourself out!