Increase in numbers quitting smoking due to COVID 19

Increase in numbers quitting smoking due to COVID 19

My QuitBuddy app

Between January and May this year the My QuitBuddy app had an increase in downloads of 310%!  This means it was downloaded 24000 times!  Unless there was a shortage in cigarettes (which I didn’t hear about) during the height of COVID 19 hopefully the app downloads led to more people quitting smoking.  Especially in times of isolation using an app such as this lets you know you are not alone and can be a source of great help in quitting.


Smoking and COVID 19

Smokers are more likely to have severe symptoms if they contract COVID 19 than those who don’t smoke.  Smokers are more likely to have cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, diabetes and other health conditions that may make them more likely to have a worse outcome if they have COVID 19.  There isn’t evidence to say they are more likely to contract it though no doubt the virus scared some of those who smoke into quitting.


Quitting smoking

This is hard!  It is acknowledged that quitting smoking is very difficult.  Pharmacists and Doctors are able to help with knowledge and advice about products that may be right for you.  Everyone is different and so different products and ways of quitting are appropriate for different people.  Patches, lozenges, chewing gum, mouth spray etc are available to help you wean off cigarettes and nicotine.  I also know people who have quit through hypnosis.  If you are wanting to quit enlist the support of your Doctor, Pharmacist, family and friends, purchase a product if you would like to use it to quit, down load an app such as My QuitBuddy to give you all the help you can get and make a date to quit!



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