Low fat vs low carb eating

low fat vs low carb

Low fat vs low carb


Tonight may not be the best night to discuss dietary habits as many of us are ready to eat “footy food” and watch the final State of Origin match however I’ll go ahead anyway.


A recent study conducted over a year looked at weight change in those who followed a healthy low fat diet and those who followed a healthy low carb diet.


The study had 609 participants and was very well run with instruction by dietitians regularly over the course of the year.

Aspects other than weight were also measured such as the effect of people’s genes on their ability to lose weight.


The result……..


There was NO difference in weight loss between the low fat and low carb groups.

There was NO difference in weight loss between those with certain genes that can affect metabolism or fat and carbohydrates.


What does this tell us?


What these results tell us is that of the very many different diets that are around there is not a one size fits all way of eating to lose weight.

There are different eating plans that suit different people.  There are also different plans that may suit us at particular times.

In addition to this losing weight does not necessarily mean improvements in health (though often it does).  More on this next week.


Reference   JAMA 2018;319(7):667-679.



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