Medicines for ADHD can be affected by

adhd medicines can be affected by

Medicines for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are used by children and adults.  These medicines stimulate dopamine levels in the brain to improve concentration and focus and reduce impulsive behaviour.


Fruit juice/vitamin C supplements and ADHD medicines

As fruit juice and vitamin C decrease the pH of the stomach by creating more acid they can affect the absorption of ADHD medicines.  The effect can be unpredictable.  Fruit juice and vitamin C supplements should be taken two hours away from ADHD medicines as they can increase or decrease the effects of the medicine.


Chocolate, soft drink, tea and coffee and ADHD medicines

This is important for children and adults.  All of these items mentioned can contain caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant just like ADHD medicines.  This means combining these stimulating items with ADHD medicines causes excessive stimulation in our bodies and may lead to racey heart, difficulty sleeping and feeling irritable.


Alcohol and ADHD medicines

This is important for the adults!  Some ADHD medicines can affect physical co-ordination which may also occur with alcohol consumption and make the effects worse.  As ADHD medicines cause stimulation alcohol causes the opposite which confuses our brains and bodies and so is another reason not to use alcohol and ADHD medicines.


Herbs and ADHD medicines

Bitter orange and Ma huang are herbs that can be found in weight loss preparations.  As these herbs can stimulate the heart and blood pressure they are best not taken with ADHD medicines.



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