Medicines for diabetes can be affected by

diabetes medicines can be affect by

Medicines for diabetes

There are many medicines that are used for diabetes.  There are tablets and injections that lower blood sugar levels or help our body’s to use our own insulin better as well as injectable insulin itself.


Alcohol and diabetes medicines

Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels.  When alcohol is combined with other things that lower blood sugar levels there is a danger of the levels dropping too low which is known as hypoglycaemia.  Symptoms of hypoglycaemia can range from feeling clammy and dizzy to death.  Therefore alcohol should be avoided if diabetes medicines are being taken.


Vitamin D and diabetes medicines

Vitamin D is commonly taken as it is important in preventing and treating osteoporosis.  Vitamin D can help our body to use insulin better and so blood sugar levels can be lower than anticipated.  It is a good idea to monitor blood sugar levels if you are being treated for diabetes and start taking vitamin D.  The amount of diabetes medicine needed may decrease.


Herbs that lower blood sugar levels

As is the case with commencing any herbs, vitamins, minerals etc it is important to discuss whether this is suitable with your health care professional.  If you start taking a herb that lowers blood sugar levels there is a risk of your levels getting too low.  Prescription medicines may need to have their dosages lowered in this case.

Examples of herbs that can lower blood sugar levels are:

  • Aloe vera
  • Stinging nettle
  • Fenugreek
  • Turmeric/curcumin
  • Gymnema sylvestre


Fibre supplements and diabetes medicines

As fibre supplements decrease the absorption of many medicines it’s important to have these at least two hours away from diabetes medicines and insulin.


Appetite suppressants and diabetes medicines

These may reduce appetite and blood sugar levels.  They may, however, have an effect on the heart.  If blood sugar levels drop too low it can affect the beating of the heart.


Reference       Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen


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