My mission is to use my knowledge and experience to help YOU live a healthier life.


I’m excited to bring you regular articles written by me to improve your health!  After all, the catch cry for Healthful Wisdom is ‘for the good of your health’.

I aim to increase my content to include not only informative articles but recipes, challenges to inspire us and links to products to assist this.


Good health isn’t just about what we put inside our bodies but what we put on and around them also.


We all know that we should be healthy


but sometimes it just seems a bit too hard. Rather than going all out and changing every aspect of our lives let’s do this one step at a time. Together.  So that we can:


have more energy, look and feel better, be happier and encourage the same in our children?!


I would like this to be an interactive community so please comment and ask questions, which I am happy to answer, and suggest topics you would like covered.

As part of my advice to you I will suggest and provide links to products you can purchase, that I use myself, to improve your health.  Providing useful information is my main aim however I am also a MiEssence representative and from time to time I will post about this company and products.