FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Well it’s the theme of the day. I don’t have a “Valentine” but I’m happy for all those that do. Rather than espouse the view that it’s a day for Florists, chocolate and card makers to make money I believe any opportunity to tell someone you love that you love them is great.

Should we need to have a special day to remind people to show their love? Perhaps not however we are all very busy and often put off things for another day. Knowing that the 14th of February is the day to declare our love makes it easier for some to show their appreciation.

Self love

I asked a friend what they did today on their day off. The answer was yoga, guitar practice, swim at the beach, reading a book and having a nap! That’s the ultimate in self love as far as I’m concerned.

Even if we have no one to tell us that they love us or that they appreciate what we do for them we can still tell ourselves that we love and appreciate who we are. I’ll be spending some time before bed tonight reading a book as a reward for how hard I’ve been working lately.

Valentine’s Day any day

How cool would it be to wake up one day and discover that your partner had decided that day would be a Valentine’s Day of sorts? Imagine having a day that wasn’t your birthday, anniversary etc where you were cherished for who you are?

After working really hard over the last several weeks I’m looking forward to some days off over the next few weeks. I think I’ll show myself some self love with some rest and relaxation, time to read, swim at the beach etc. I appreciate myself for what I do for my children and am looking forward to showing myself some love.