Ventolin/Asmol changes to purchasing

Ventolin/Asmol changes to purchasing

If you have asthma you may be used to walking in to a pharmacy and asking the Pharmacist for a Ventolin or Asmol puffer to treat asthma symptoms.  Did you know that as of March 2020 it is not so easy to obtain a puffer from a pharmacy?


Ventolin/Asmol regulation changes

These puffers can now only be supplied to people who can show evidence of being diagnosed with a lung condition such as asthma or COPD or previous recorded supply of this medicine.  Only one puffer can be supplied at a time unless it is on prescription.


What evidence can be given to show that a lung condition has been diagnosed?

  • Letter from your Doctor stating that Ventolin or Asmol is needed to treat a lung condition
  • Asthma management plan from you Doctor
  • Previous history in the pharmacy’s computing program showing that asthma medicines have been prescribed
  • Previous supply history shown in My Health Record
  • Asthma medicine showing the label confirming that it is for that person, a photo of this medicine is also suitable


Why were asthma medicine regulations changed?

At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic there was much panic buying.  These asthma medicines were in as much demand as toilet paper.  In order to control the supply of these medicines legislation was changed to limit the supply to one puffer and only with evidence of asthma or COPD diagnosis.  These puffers must also now be labelled through the computer program which also records the supply of the item.




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